Contribution of Pt. Lakhmi Chand in India's most Ancient Folk Opera Theatre Swang


  • Dr. Sandhya Sharma


Culture, Folklore, Haryana, Lakhmi Chand, Opera, Swang


Folk theatre is a precious element, who begins with the origin of the universe and its cultural boundaries spread with the extension of the world. In Indian culture and society Folk theatre has played a expressive and meaningful  role. Folklore itself includes All forms of theatrical performances which entertain people with its miraculous performances. Swang, ragini, Humor have always been integral part  of the Haryanvi folk  opera Theatre Swang. The meaning of raginis directly connect with  human nature, situation and social relations. Pt. Lakhmi Chand  is the most renowned personality in Haryanvi folk Opera theatre Swang . He improved the ragini style of singing. He possessed a very rich, melodious voice and was also a successful composer. Lakhmi Chand presented the philosophy of life in his swangs, on the other hand, he polished and presented the musical, artistic and philosophical heritage of the world in folk language. The origin of swang is traced by  Kisan Lal Bhatt, who laid the foundation of the present style of folk theatre .The stage was most elementary, the actors performed from a central place among the audience.




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