Protection of Women from Domestic Violence


  • Dr. G K Sharma, Pragya Gurjar, Priyanshi Gupta, Nikhil Barediya


Domestic Violence


This article analyzes different procedures and difficulties in the security of ladies from abusive behavior at home. It investigates authoritative measures, for example, limiting requests and aggressive behavior at home regulations, pointed toward shielding casualties and considering culprits responsible. Also, it talks about the significance of local area encouraging groups of people, sanctuaries, and directing administrations in giving help and strengthening to survivors. The article also emphasizes the importance of education and awareness campaigns to promote societal change and the difficulty of addressing cultural norms and attitudes that perpetuate domestic violence. In general, it emphasizes the multifaceted approach necessary to effectively combat domestic violence and advance women’s safety and well-being.




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Dr. G K Sharma, Pragya Gurjar, Priyanshi Gupta, Nikhil Barediya. (2024). Protection of Women from Domestic Violence. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Innovation and Research Methodology, ISSN: 2960-2068, 3(2), 35–38. Retrieved from