"Novel Approach for Encrypting RGB Images Utilizing Quantum Computing”


  • Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Dr. Praveen Chouksey


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In the realm of cryptography, the pursuit of heightened security and innovative methodologies is ceaseless, especially in light of advancing computational capabilities. Quantum computing, with its paradigm-shifting potential, has emerged as a promising avenue for revolutionizing cryptographic protocols. Visual cryptography, a method aimed at securely transmitting images or visual information, has garnered attention for its simplicity and effectiveness. This abstract delves into the fusion of quantum mechanics with visual cryptography, presenting Quantum Visual Cryptography (QVC) as a cutting-edge cryptographic framework. QVC combines the principles of quantum mechanics, which exploit the unique properties of quantum particles such as superposition and entanglement, with the visual cryptography scheme. The fundamental premise of QVC lies in leveraging quantum states to generate and distribute secret shares of images among parties. Unlike classical visual cryptography, where the shares are distributed optically or electronically, QVC harnesses the power of quantum entanglement to ensure unparalleled security and confidentiality.





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